Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Some Pictures of a T-shirt. Exciting Eh?

Here is the current status of the 5!Shirt:
It's gone from this -

To this -

In case you can't really see, it's been dyed 'Pebble Beige'

That's it SO FAR...

Dalek Army

Hey all

Here are some pictures of my Dalek Biscuit Army

The Icing went a bit haywire and I got covered in Yellow food colouring, but they were very tasty anyway :)

Monday, 12 April 2010

Hello all. Well, it's been a while
Several months of a while in fact
It's Laura here
Currently loving the new series and using my free library dvds to further my knowledge of the classics
In the gap between then and now, I've been up to some Doctor Who related stuff
First off, Here's my TARDIS Canvas

I used the same stencil as for my TARDIS T-Shirt, of which, here is a picture

A bit worn now, I've had it a while, but it's still going strong

Talking of T-Shirts, prepare yourself

Work on the 5 T-shirt has started...

Sunday, 20 December 2009


It's been a while from Blue Box Blog
But here is our official guide to Doctor Who related telly and Radio over christmas
We've already passed Doctor Who Never Mind the Buzzcocks

From Monday - Friday, David Tennant is on Bedtime Story duty on CBeebies
Christmas Eve, 10pm, BBC 1: David Tennant on QI, with Bill Bailey, Lee Mack and Alan Davies
Christmas Day, 6pm, BBC 1: Doctor Who - The End of Time, Part 1.
Christmas Day, 7pm, BBC 3: Doctor Who Confidential
Christmas Day, 10.30pm, BBC 1: Catherine Tate: Nan's Christmas Carol
Boxing Day, 10am, BBC Radio 2: David Tennant and Catherine Tate stand in for Johnathan Ross
Boxing Day, 5.05pm, BBC 2: RSC's Hamlet, starring David Tennant
Sunday 27th December, repeated New Year's Day, 11.15am, BBC Radio 4: David Tennant on Desert Island Discs
Tuesday 29th December, 5pm, BBC Radio 2: Who on Who? David Tennant and RTD Chat
Tuesday 29th December, 10.20pm, C4: Alan Carr: Chatty Man New Year's Special. David Tennant, Catherine Tate and Davina McCall chat about the coming year

Merry Christmas from Blue Box Productions!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Caitlin say's...



I Hate it. Really don't like it. I mean come on they don't have any right changing the logo before we have even seen an episode, you know what this means don't you?


First we loose David Tennant, then we loose the production team and now we loose our logo. Might as well change the Tardis as well, its not like we will recognize the show when it airs in 2010. I mean Stephen Moffat is a great writer but he is alienating the audience members already but changing everything! And think of all the work RTD put into building this show up again, just for it all to be changed at the first chance!!

Please someone tell me when it is over!

Friday, 2 October 2009

caitlin say's...

ok so not really on the topic of doctor who but it is to do with saving the world!

if you click here and give the video you watched 5 stars you are actually saving the world!

because if you give that video 5 stars you are taking in one step closer to the Copenhagen Climate change conference in December and are giving it the extra push it needs to be shown there and all over the world!

and what it says in the video is so amazing and true it is really what the DOCTOR would do :)

so please vote if not for me for the whole of human kind :)

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Jane: Hello

Good evening.

I am Jane and I like to make films.
I do Media so I should be pretty savvy, but I still have lots to learn.
I hope to do Film and Television Studies at Aberystwyth Uni, if everything works out.

I don't like being late, I mostly wear black, grey, blue or green clothing
and Empire magazine is the source of my knowledge.

I met Laura through school, and Caitlin through TYC. What jolly and fabbo times we've shared.

That's the other thing. The majority of the sentences that come out of my mouth come out as sarcastic, but they're not. I like being funny.

Good night.